KN95 Masks, US in stock, made in China, 20 PCS per Box

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KN95 Masks, 20 PCS per Box

Reviewed and authorized by US FDA EUA policy

KN95 mask is not be mistaken as N95 respirator.

This Product is made in China.

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Available only in the United States

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Our KN95s meet European Face Mask Standard: 

  • European standard: EN14683 Type IIR 


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Disposable Face Masks



20 Masks Per Box



  • Application: the mask is ideal for covering the user's nose and mouth, in accordance with CDC recommendations, to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. It is suitable for people who have a cold, fever, or cough.
  • EN 14683 TYPE IIR: When working outside, the mask can filter out some of the allergens that could aggravate airway diseases. In principle, it should be replaced every day. However, if it is damaged or stained with sweat or saliva, it should be replaced immediately.
  • Anti-Irritants: Wearing this face mouth mask could aid in protection from PM2.5.
  • Earloops Design: One size fits all. Elastic earloop is stretchy and allows easy on and off with no pressure to ears.
  • The face mask is light-weighted and non-bulky. It is designed with a nose-clip for a better fit and to be worn comfortably without rubbing against your face.

Instructions for Use:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before touching the mask
  • Hold the mask by the earloops and put the earloops around your ears
  • The side of the mask bearing the mark of “kn95” goes on the outside, and the side of the mask with a stiff, bendable edge goes on top of your nose bridge.  
  • Gently pinch the stiff, bendable edge of the mask to mold it to the shape of your nose.
  • Make sure the mask covers both your nose and your mouth. The top of the mask should rest on your nose bridge and the bottom on your jaw.

FDA registration number: 3008449424
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