Strawberry Milk Tea

$ 99.90


Strawberry milk tea, 400ml , 1 carton (60 pcs)

Price: 99.9USD

 Product Description

* Strawberry milk tea

* mixed with pure milk,

* it is the top secret of rich texture.

* A juicy blend of strawberries,

* making Fresh Blends milk tea flavorful and sweet

* Size: 400ml , 1 carton (60 pcs)

* Shelf life: 16 days

* Country of manufacture: Taiwan

* Ingredient: Water, Sucrose, non-dairy creamer, Milk powder, Cream, Fresh milk, Flavor, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester, Black tea powder, strawberry juice

concentrate, Monascus colors, Guar gum

* Deliverable to Taiwan, US