Dr's Formula Root Strengthening Shampoo- Refreshing 髮根強化

$ 28.99

Unique PCCD hair root activators, Hydrolyzed Pea Extract, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Serpentine Seed Extract and Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein are effective in strengthening hair roots and enhancing hair toughness.

Add double anti-dandruff ingredients to enhance the anti-bacterial effect and improve the dandruff problem.
Regulates scalp oil secretion from the deep, relieves excessive scalp oil production, promotes the best oil-water balance and maintains a healthy scalp environment.
Special foam technology offers a thick, fine foam which can thoroughly remove oil and dirt from the scalp, leave the scalp fresh and make the hair roots plump after washing.

◆ This product is suitable for dry and sensitive scalp with fragile hair.
◆ The unique compound PCCD hair root activating factor and hair-healthy ingredients (PROCAPIL) provide the scalp appropriate nutrients, promote a healthy scalp environment, strengthen the hair roots, improve the toughness of the hair and reduce hair fragility and aging problems.
◆ This shampoo could improve the dryness of the scalp, provide mild soothing, moisturizing conditioning, relieve the discomfort of dry scalp and enhance the moisturizing and silky feeling of the hair.
◆ Using natural plant-extracted cleansing ingredients, with rich and delicate foam can gently cleanse the scalp and make the hair soft, healthy and plump after washing.


◆ Using natural mild cleansing ingredients and special foaming technology, provide a thick creamy foam that cleanse the oil and dirt on the scalp gently, leave the hair fresh, fluffy, supple and non-drying.